Starting The Year Off Strong

When starts back in August or September that means earlier bedtimes, morning routines and daily homework for the students in CMS. Parents often dread an afternoon of struggling over homework; yet, if you set up a routine early in the year and be consistent, the year will can be a smooth one. Start by setting a place and time for homework. . Start by

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COVID 19 UPDATE / Summer Camp

  • We are open and here for you!

    We know ensuring a quality education for children during Online School is difficult, so we have begun offering in-person Distance Education Support. In a socially distanced environment, we help guide your students through the pitfalls to success with online learning, helping coordinate Zoom calls, and keeping track of online work/due dates.

    Summer is a great time to catch up on any academic gaps due to Covid-19 and online learning realities. Our Summer Camps help students get ahead and gain confidence in their abilities before the new school year begins.

    Limited spaces will fill up soon. Feel free to call the center to speak to a director or if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you soon!