Discover, The Discovery Place!

Learn in a place that can teach you about the ice bergs of Antarctica, the unbelievable migration of the Monarch Butterfly, and one of the most respected painters ever. All this in one day, and without having to step foot outside on a rainy day. The Discovery Place is a magical place where imagination and learning take front and center. It offers a wide

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Coping With A Learning Disability

All parents want their child to be a super star in the classroom. Unfortunately many young students encounter learning challenges that prevent them from exceling as fast as their peers. It can be difficult to watch your child struggle while learning to read or uncovering the basics of math. Accepting that your child may have a learning disability is not easy but it is

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Why Exercise And Nutrition Are Just As Important As Studying

Boosting your child’s education is not always about honing in on their reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Many outside factors contribute to a child’s ability to learn, including the amount of exercise they get and the food they eat. Due to dwindling school budgets and new regulations, schools are limiting physical education and other activities that promote exercise during the school day. Unfortunately, vigorous

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Returning To A School Year Sleep Schedule

Once the school year rolls back around in August, parents have a lot of work to do in order to get their children into the back-to-school mode. One of the most important steps of this process is to readjust their sleep schedule. According to the National Sleep Foundation, children between the ages of five to 12 require about 10 to 11 hours of sleep

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charlotte reading tutor

Tips For Summer Reading Practices

According to reports conducted by the Department of Education, children who don’t read during the summer often approach the new school year with deteriorated reading skills. In order to address this problem, department officials encourage parents to require their children to read for thirty minutes everyday throughout the summer break. Thirty minutes a day equals 3.5 hours of reading each week. In order to

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How To Convince Your Child that Educational Summer Camps can be Fun!

We feel it is our obligation to prepare you for the likely reaction you will receive from your children once you inform them they will be heading to Swan Learning Center for summer school. The moment a child hears the phrase “summer school” – eyes widen, jaws drop and fists clench. In most case scenarios, these actions precede a series of emotional accusations that

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