About our Learning Center

Swan Learning Center became reality when director Jenny Beaumont realized the need for this type of help for local children and their families. As more families approached Jenny for help with tutoring, she saw a need for enrichment programs and supplemental opportunities for ages as young as preschool through high school and college level curriculums. Swan Learning Center was born out of a desire to help children of all ability levels who needed this educational enrichment.

Swan Learning Center is different than a tutoring center. Our staff take the time to get to know each student on a personal level and create a positive, welcoming atmosphere. At Swan we work hard to make learning come easy. Each of our instructors was chosen not just for knowledge in the field, but also for expertise and ability to create a strong relationship with students.

charlotte tutors Each student who comes to Swan Learning Center begins with a diagnostic test. This identifies areas where they need more help, and allows us to create a personal learning program to fill in those gaps. Parents consult with Jenny once we have test results in order to create a personalized program to meet each student’s needs. We do not require a contract but can offer realistic timeframes to meet goals.

If your child is struggling, Swan Learning Center and our dedicated team of specialists is the answer. We will help bridge the gaps in your child’s understanding and bring skills to the mastery level. Our teaching staff uses a variety of materials and methods to reach learners of all types. Don’t let school be a struggle any longer. Get the help and enrichment you need through Swan Learning Center.