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Gesell Developmental Assessment

An Essential Guide for Parents Embarking on the path of early childhood development involves various critical stages. Understanding and utilizing developmental assessments are vital for parents aiming to ensure a comprehensive and enriching learning journey for their children. Among the reputable tools available, the Gesell Preschool Developmental Assessment stands out as an exceptional mechanism for evaluating a child’s multifaceted growth. This extensive guide, brought

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Parent’s Stem Guide

A Parent’s Guide To STEM The idea of STEM education has been gaining traction in education for several years now. But, just the same, many people, particularly parents, still need to learn what STEM stands for and its fundamental purpose. STEM is the four disciplines it addresses in education—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. That said, it’s important to understand that its approach to education

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5 Tips For Kids Falling Behind In School

Help For Kids Struggling Academically No parent wants to watch their child needlessly struggle in school. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, our children can fall behind. So if your child is struggling with learning or schoolwork, don’t panic. Instead, you can get them back on track by following a couple of strategies. 1) Speak With The Teacher First, talk to your child’s teacher.

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Fun Easter Facts!

Start the New Year off with Academic Coaching from Swan Learning Center

Does your New Year’s resolution involve doing better in school, or helping your child to do better in school? The Swan Learning Center is here to help. Our Academic Coaching services are designed to help your child reach his or her full potential in an after school program that gives you back your family time. Here’s some of what we can offer for you

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How to Start Getting Your Kids Excited to Go to College

Are your kids excited about the prospect of going to college? Today, having a college degree is even more important than it was a few generations ago, as having a degree is a key factor in employ-ability. In fact, a college degree can increase earning potential by as much as $500 per week! Yet for the kid who is nearing the end of his

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