The professional team of tutors at Swan Learning Center in Charlotte is ready to assist your child with their math, reading and writing skills. No parent likes to see a child struggle in school, and that is exactly why we are here to help. We can give your child everything they need in order to excel in the classroom.

Swan Learning Center has a proven approach that works. Not only are our tutors experts in math and reading comprehension, but they are also highly skilled at creating personalized programs for each child. They use methods that will work will your child’s strengths and help them in any areas that need improvement. By creating a learning environment that is both supportive and encouraging, our tutors are able to help students work through their struggles and achieve success.

Are you worried about your child forgetting their math, reading and writing skills over the summer months? We have you covered. To help keep kids active and engaged in the learning process, Swan Learning Center offers summer educational workshops. We know that kids like to take it easy during the summer, so these programs are less structured than a traditional classroom setting. If your child fell behind during the school year or you simply want to provide an opportunity for your student to be in an engaging environment, our summer workshops are an excellent option.

We also offer an Academic Coaching Program for middle and high school students. This allows us to help students with executive functioning skills and study skills applied to their own curriculum. In addition, Swan Learning Center offers SAT, SSAT, and ISEE test preparation. We teach strategies that allow confidence and independence as students prepare to take these important tests and increase their scores.

Each student begins by completing several diagnostic tests, and most children show a full grade level of improvement after receiving just 40 hours of instruction from one of our skilled tutors. To learn more about how we can help your child achieve his or her educational goals, contact Swan Learning Center today.

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At Swan Learning Center we diagnose academic areas of need and design a personalized program for each of our students. Our programs focus on building academic skills, motivation and confidence.

Swan helps students catch up, keep up and get ahead.

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At Swan Learning Center, we create personalized programs for each of our students through careful diagnosis. Our goal is to build on skills the child already has while offering motivation and confidence in skills that are not present. Whether you are trying to help your child catch up or are interested in getting ahead, we can help. Our programs include: School Readiness Program –

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At Swan Learning Center we not only provide customized training and guidance throughout the school year, but also help students and parents to catch up and get ahead all year long. Find out more about our Seminars and Workshops.  Community, School , and Student Workshops Our community and school involvement program provides parents with valuable information. Swan workshops are designed to be between thirty

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