Reading Programs

We have various programs that cater to readers at every level of development. We assess each student with a battery of diagnostic tests to determine what level the student is preforming on and which specific skills need to be taught and reinforced.

Reading Readiness

Reading Readiness introduces students to letters and their sounds and formations. Once mastered the student transitions to the rules of phonetic combinations and blending. With an emphasis on phonics and sight words, students develop the skills to begin reading.

Emergent Reading

Emergent Readers begin to transition into reading materials that strengthen their fluency, word base, and introduce beginning comprehension skills. They will continue to sharpen reading proficiency by building phonetic and decoding skills, as well as increasing their sight word base.

Developmental Reading

Developmental Reading students will build on their emerging reading skills to develop an understanding of literature and more challenging passages. At this stage, children begin to add basic comprehension skills they can continue to build upon as their reading advances. They will also begin to build a stronger and more varied reading vocabulary. Students in the developmental reading program will emerge as independent readers and will be able to identify individual comprehension skills.

Enrichment Reading

Enrichment will enhance and extend comprehension and vocabulary skills to students who are already reading at grade level or above. This not only puts children ahead academically but provides them with skills that can give them a lifetime of enjoyment as engaged and enthusiastic readers.