SAT Preparation

Preparation for the SAT with the writing section is available at Swan. Learn the tips and techniques needed to improve your SAT score through a personalized program. The course includes vocabulary building, comprehension development and math strategies—everything you need to raise your score on the SAT. The new SAT program adds the writing component, Algebra II and the greater emphasis on critical reading. The program is between 16 and 24 hours of instruction. Most students come to the center twice a week for one hour each time.

The program includes:

  • Full SAT Program including materials and practice tests
  • Each student’s program is personalized based on a thorough diagnostic assessment.
  • Instruction and practice in critical thinking strategies teach students how to think logically and figure things out better and faster.
  • Students build their vocabulary for greater success with Analogies, Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension.
  • Refresh your basic skills in math, Algebra, Writing and Reading Comprehension to lift your SAT score