tutor for mathMath Programs at Swan Learning Center

Our math program is based on offering students a warm and compassionate environment to boost confidence and strong understanding of all basic math operations and applications. Our expectation is to significantly increase your child’s math computation skills, understanding of math concepts and applications, and overall school performance.

All tutoring plans are personalized, because every student has their own path to understanding math. Each student is assessed in order to obtain any skill gaps within each grade level. Each skill gap is taught to mastery through personalized instruction and practice, which will continue to build and spiral to understanding of advanced concepts into higher grade levels.

The Mathematical Foundation

Mathematic fluency starts with a solid foundation of the basics. First grade through pre-algebra skills are identified and taught to build a solid base for all concepts. Each skill is taught with personalized instruction until students obtain confidence to be independent. We also provide enrichment for students with the abilities to accelerate and extend into higher levels.

charlotte tutorsExcellence in Advanced Math Operations

In high school, students focus on mastering Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Calculus, in preparation for high school exit exams, college placement exams, and standardized college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. Students will work closely with a tutor to work through all concepts and mathematical processes. Swan customizes programs for each student and provides instructional material for all advanced math. We will also work closely with each student’s own curriculum and classroom materials in order for them to be successful at school.



  • We are open and here for you!

    Starting June 1, Swan is open for personalized Summer Intensives in compliance with NC State guidelines. Click here for our details on our Summer Program.

    We are committed to keeping physical distances, reduced capacity, utilizing several entrances and exits, as well as maintaining thorough cleaning between sessions.

    For Summer Intensives, we are continuing to take online registrations. Limited spaces will fill up soon. Feel free to call the center to speak to a director or if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you soon!