At Swan Learning Center, we create personalized programs for each of our students through careful diagnosis. Our goal is to build on skills the child already has while offering motivation and confidence in skills that are not present. Whether you are trying to help your child catch up or are interested in getting ahead, we can help.

Our programs include:

  • School Readiness Program – Designed for preschoolers through first grade, the school readiness program prepares students for a lifetime of success in school through reading readiness and emergent reading programs.
  • Academic Coaching – Tired of the struggle over doing homework? Ever wish you had a homework coach to help your child know how to study and complete homework assignments? Academic Coaching is designed with middle and high school students in mind, academic coaching helps kids get their homework done, prepare for tests, monitor, assign, and get organized during the school year. This after-school program takes the pressure off parents while enhancing the student’s performance.
  • Reading – Reading Comprehension and vocabulary skills are the backbone of a good education and a solid student. Swan creates a tailored program for each student to strengthen their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills to give them the advantage in school they need to be successful.
  • Writing – Swan Learning Center’s staff will teach your student how to express himself well through the written word. The program focuses on grammar, paragraph and essay development, style and content to help your student express their ideas clearly.
  • Mathematics – From basic math facts to the complex worlds of algebra, geometry and Calculus, Swan Learning Center’s math tutors can make math make sense.
  • Study Skills – Students not only need knowledge to excel in school – they need to know what to do with that knowledge. Study skills will help students learn how to take notes, prepare for tests and more as they work through their schooling.
  • SAT Preparation – The scores on the SAT exam are crucial to a child’s academic future. Our tutors are testing experts and will help your child prepare both for the test itself and for the information it contains. We also offer preparation for SSAT and ISEE.
  • IB and AP Course Support  Swan understands the demands of upper level highschool coursework. Our experienced teachers take the pressure off students by giving them the extra support they need to master their upper level math, language, history and science.
  • Summer Programs – Summer programs in math, reading and writing are designed to give students the edge they need to move up and to get ahead over the summer. High school students prep for the SAT over the summer to raise their scores.  Summer is also a good time for high school student to review and preview advanced math concepts.
  • Orton-Gillingham – This unique approach to learning is language-based and multisensory, giving your child the tools to build on the knowledge gathered in school.
  • Lindamood-bell Type Programs – A unique imagery approach to learning how to read and spell words (seeing stars), strengthen comprehension (visualizing and verbalizing), and comprehending the fundamentals of math through imagery (On Cloud Nine). Our teachers have had LB training and certification.
  • Gesell Testing and Early Childhood Screening – Most preschools and private kindergartens require a Gesell score for admission. We administer the test, consult with parents, and share scores for applications.