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7 Activities To Keep Your Student Sharp Over Winter Break

Winter break is approaching and that means kids are counting down the days until they get a break from school. Even though winter break is much shorter than summer break, kids can still lose important information over the holidays. Keeping their minds engaged during break will help them prosper when they return to school in the new year. Read on to find some of

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Help Sharpen Your Child’s Math Skills!

If you are having a hard-time getting your child excited about learning math, check out this list of helpful tips for you to utilize!

Best Educational Games to Play with Your Children During Holiday Breaks

The holidays are coming, and that means time with the kids at home enjoying the family. While there’s plenty of room in the holiday breaks for Christmas movie marathons, make sure your kids are keeping their brains engaged while they are relaxing around the tree and turkey. Here are some games and activities you can do with your kids to keep them learning through

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Tips to Helping Your Child Write Better

For many parents, teaching their child to write better is an important goal. Early writing experiences can help to lay the groundwork for a child’s later academic success. While learning to write is important, many children balk at the idea of having to sit down and spend time writing when they would rather be playing. For this reason, parents can encourage their child to

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Winter Break Learning Activities

  After the turkey has been consumed and the presents have been opened, many parents are looking at a few days or even weeks of kids at home without school to fill their time. How can you keep your kids engaged and their minds active during this holiday break? Here are some fun and educational things you can do while your kids are home

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Educational Summer Boredom Busters

It’s summer. If you have the privilege of being home with your kids, you are going to hear plenty of “I’m bored!” in the next few months. Here are some educational activities to give your kids to stave off the boredom when it hits and promote summer learning. 1. Plan a Garage Sale “I’m bored” often comes with a request to do some expensive

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