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60-minute individual sessions
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In Enneagram Parent Coaching, you’ll:

  • Explore the Map of the Enneagram and the nine energies that we all experience
  • Deepen our connection to self and others
  • Learn to use the Enneagram to create more empathy and understanding in your family relationships
  • Learn about the heart center of intelligence how to navigate the sense of unworthiness in children
  • Explore the head center of intelligence and how to respond to anxiety and fear in children
  • Dive deeper in body center of intelligence and strategies for working with anger in children
  • Cultivate resiliency and three-centered living (incorporating heart, head + body intelligence) in children
  • Receive resources to stay connected to your deepest self and to nurture yourself as a parent

You’ll learn the Enneagram as a map to understand people, habits, needs, and motivation. First, we look at the critical structure of types, wings, integration/ disintegration. Then, as we move around the Enneagram, you will begin to identify the energy of each type, the social styles, and stances.

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Students Are Losing Writing Skills

At Swan Learning Center, we provide guidance to teach students how to plan, organize and execute quality writing. Our tutoring team sees tremendous growth in writing abilities because we can work one-on-one with students to help them fine-tune their writing skills. We also help students overcome the frustration that sometimes accompanies writing by teaching them skills and boosting their writing confidence.

Our writing tutors start with teaching your child how to write sentences confidently. From there, we build to paragraphs, followed by longer works and papers. We also help with research skills and handwriting. Students who need help with grammar will get that as well. With the right focused instruction from our carefully-trained tutors, your child can not only learn how to write well but also learn to enjoy conveying thought through written language.

Writing is a skill that students need for everything from college applications to future job postings. If your child struggles to write well, or if you want to give them a little boost to make that a more vital skill, Swan Learning Center is here to help. Reach out today for a writing evaluation or talk to one of our tutors about writing help.

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