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For many students, math feels like an overwhelming hurdle. Yet, at Swan Learning Center, we believe all students can achieve success with math if they have enough confidence in their abilities. If you are looking for a Charlotte math tutor who can support your student and build a love of learning in math, Swan Learning Center has a team that can come alongside your child and provides needed support and instruction.

Providing a Solid Mathematical Foundation

Math is a subject that builds on itself. At Swan Learning Center, we strive to provide each student with a solid foundation of the basics. Even in early elementary levels, our math and reading tutoring starts laying the foundation for future concepts. We continue teaching the skill until the student is confident and independent, then move on to the next. This process sets the stage for excellence as the student progresses through their math instruction.

Increasing Math Fluency

Our math tutors in Charlotte
strive to increase your child’s computation skills and understanding of math concepts. This, in turn, boosts overall school performance and confidence. We create personalized tutoring plans that are unique for your child because each child has their path to understanding mathematics.

Our tutors start with an assessment to see where your child is and need additional instruction and practice. We then build a spiral tutoring program that builds on existing knowledge to increase confidence and proficiency.

Tutoring for Advanced Students

Sometimes students come to us for tutoring because they do not understand a concept. Sometimes they come because they are looking to learn advanced concepts. Our Charlotte math tutors can help both types of students.

High school students preparing for exit exams, ACT and SAT testing, and college placement exams can work with one of our tutors to get a solid handle on these mathematical processes. Because we customize our reading and math tutoring programs to each student’s needs, we can help even excellent students achieve even more outstanding results.

If your child needs math tutoring in Charlotte and you want a structured, personalized, spiral approach, reach out to Swan Learning Center. Let us help build confidence and fluency in math, so your child can succeed in the classroom and beyond. Contact us today to get started!

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