Summer Math Tips for Elementary School Students

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Summer Study Tips Summer is a special break for students to relax and enjoy their time away from the classroom, but it’s also a fantastic time to improve their math skills. Here are a few tips to help elementary-age students stay sharp and improve their math skills over the summer. 1) Practice Math Regular practice […]

Academic Summer Camps

Summer Learning in Charlotte Summer camp is an excellent option if you want to help your child transition into the next school year and enjoy some fun activities with friends. Swan Learning Center in Charlotte, NC, offers an accelerated summer program where they work with your children to help them master the reading, math, and […]

Benefits Of Using An Academic Summer Camp in 2021

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Educational Summer Camp in Charlotte It’s safe to say that COVID-19 upended every single one of us. Plenty of us lost jobs, experienced loneliness, and isolation, and became scared of a virus we couldn’t even see. But have you ever stopped to think about what impact COVID had on your kids? They’ve stayed home for […]

Summer Learning Tips {INFOGRAPHIC}

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The 2020 school year was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. Parents of all types both flourished and struggled in keeping up with their kid’s educational needs. Help keep your children’s minds engaged all summer long by following these helpful tips!

We Are Here to Help!

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This is a moment in our children’s education that hasn’t looked quite like anything we have experienced in our lifetime. Planning or making any kind of future projections is hard- and to tell people to embrace this uncertainty is stressful. For the last 20 years, Swan Learning Center mastered the art of evolution and survival […]

Summer Education and Learning Programs in Charlotte

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Summer is coming, and while summer is an excellent time to get a break from the schedule and structure of school, it may not be wise to completely neglect academics during these long, leisurely months. In fact, taking a complete break from school and academics can actually have a negative effect on your child, but […]

Best Educational Summer Games & Activities for Kids

Summer is the time for a break from school, however, that does not mean your kids must stop learning. Help them continue to grow in their knowledge by planning fun summer learning activities. Here are some fun summer ideas for to do this summer… 1) Turn a Trip to the Museum into a Treasure Hunt […]

Best Educational Summer Camp in Charlotte!

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Summer’s almost here. Are your kids ready for a break? While they likely are ready for some time off, it won’t be long until you start to hear “I’m bored.” It also doesn’t take long for them to start forgetting everything they worked so hard to learn throughout the school year. One way to keep […]

Best Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back to School

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If you’ve been in any major retailer, then you know that it’s coming – back to school season. If your kids are still in the midst of their summer fun, you may find that you struggle to get them excited about the coming school year. Here are some ideas from the Swan Learning Center that […]

Fun Summer Learning Games for Kids

School’s out! Do you have a plan for your kids this summer? If you don’t, you can end up with three months of boredom and way too much screen time. Here are some summer learning activities that can keep the kids engaged with their learning as they enter into the more laid back days of […]