Best Tips for Getting Ready for ‘Back-to-School’ Season

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As summer comes to an end, it is very common for kids to start to get restless and look forward to being back and in school and seeing their friends every day. However, it is also very common that kids do not look forward to receiving homework. Summer is a good break from school, although, […]

Best Study Habits to Start the School Year Off Right

Summer is quickly coming to an end. That means it is time to get back into your school habits, like studying and doing homework. Lucky for you, we have a list of 6 best study tips to try this year! 1) Stay Organized With a Planner The number one best way to stay organized in […]

Best Back to School Tips for Parents

The end of summer means starting to get your kids back into their school routine. Besides all the shopping for new school supplies and clothes, there is a lot more parents can do for their kids to make sure their transition back to school is smooth and off to a great start! Here are 8 […]

Avoiding the Third-Quarter Slump

Christmas is almost here, and with it comes time off of school and the end of the second quarter. When your kids return to school after the holiday break, they will be close to starting the third quarter. This is the time when attention drifts, grades slump and kids start to get antsy for summer […]

Building Strong Communication with Teachers

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A new school year has started. Whether your child is thriving, just getting by or struggling, one of the keys to making it a successful school year is good communication between parents and teachers. As a parent, here are some tips you can use to make that communication positive and helpful. 1. Ask the Best […]

Start the School Year Off Right with These Tips

School has started. Is your child getting off to the right track? No matter how old your child is, you, as the parent, can help prepare him for academic success. Here are some ideas you can use to make the first few weeks of school the best for your child. Have a Solid Routine Summer […]