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Winter Break Learning Activities

  After the turkey has been consumed and the presents have been opened, many parents are looking at a few days or even weeks of kids at home without school to fill their time. How can you keep your kids engaged and their minds active during this holiday break? Here are some fun and educational things you can do while your kids are home

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Educational Summer Boredom Busters

It’s summer. If you have the privilege of being home with your kids, you are going to hear plenty of “I’m bored!” in the next few months. Here are some educational activities to give your kids to stave off the boredom when it hits and promote summer learning. 1. Plan a Garage Sale “I’m bored” often comes with a request to do some expensive

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Three Tips for Making Education Fun

Just like a spoon full of sugar helps medicine go down, a dash of fun can make even the most complicated lesson palatable for students. Let’s examine three ways tutors and teachers can make education not only rewarding, but enjoyable. Show don’t tell Failing to make lessons engaging and interactive is of the more common mistakes new teachers and tutors make. Fifty years ago,

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