Gesell Developmental Assessment

An Essential Guide for Parents Embarking on the path of early childhood development involves various critical stages. Understanding and utilizing developmental assessments are vital for parents aiming to ensure a comprehensive and enriching learning journey for their children. Among the reputable tools available, the Gesell Preschool Developmental Assessment stands out as an exceptional mechanism for […]

Parent’s Stem Guide

A Parent’s Guide To STEM The idea of STEM education has been gaining traction in education for several years now. But, just the same, many people, particularly parents, still need to learn what STEM stands for and its fundamental purpose. STEM is the four disciplines it addresses in education—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. That said, […]

Best Back To School Tips for Parents

Back-To-School Season Is Here! It’s that time of the year. The sun is going down earlier and rising later, the weather is colder, and kids are heading back to school. As a parent, you may feel mixed emotions if you have a child in elementary school. On the one hand, you’re excited for them to […]

5 Tips For Kids Falling Behind In School

Help For Kids Struggling Academically No parent wants to watch their child needlessly struggle in school. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, our children can fall behind. So if your child is struggling with learning or schoolwork, don’t panic. Instead, you can get them back on track by following a couple of strategies. 1) Speak […]

Summer Math Tips for Elementary School Students

summer math tips elementary school

Summer Study Tips Summer is a special break for students to relax and enjoy their time away from the classroom, but it’s also a fantastic time to improve their math skills. Here are a few tips to help elementary-age students stay sharp and improve their math skills over the summer. 1) Practice Math Regular practice […]

Academic Summer Camps

Summer Learning in Charlotte Summer camp is an excellent option if you want to help your child transition into the next school year and enjoy some fun activities with friends. Swan Learning Center in Charlotte, NC, offers an accelerated summer program where they work with your children to help them master the reading, math, and […]

Benefits of Elementary School Reading Tutors

Perks of Reading Tutors Reading skills are a crucial building block students need to nurture independent learning, internalize information on various subjects, and find joy in reading. With solid reading skills, your child will perform better in every school subject and is essential for their success throughout their school career. Is your child just learning […]

Benefits Of Using An Academic Summer Camp in 2021

summer camp charlotte nc

Educational Summer Camp in Charlotte It’s safe to say that COVID-19 upended every single one of us. Plenty of us lost jobs, experienced loneliness, and isolation, and became scared of a virus we couldn’t even see. But have you ever stopped to think about what impact COVID had on your kids? They’ve stayed home for […]

Benefits of a Math Tutor

math tutors charlotte nc

Math Tutors in Charlotte, NC “When to start my child with a math tutor” is something parents may ask when they see their child struggling with math or any subject. Knowing the right time between “they will work it out” and need a tutor is a fine line and can often be blurry. However, as […]

Helpful Tips for Parents Who Are New to Homeschooling

tips for parents on how to homeschool

The year 2020 has been full of twists and turns. With a global pandemic, one of the most challenging things for parents to deal with is the sudden change with schooling. The overwhelming majority of parents are new to this homeschooling situation. If you’re a parent who is new to homeschooling and looking for tips, […]