School isn’t a favorite part of the day for most students, but an education is important. If your student is struggling in school, they may start to resent going and make excuses not to go. By learning why your student is seeming less interested in school, you can get them the help they need to succeed. If your student is struggling in school, it may be time to get a tutor. Here are 5 signs your student needs a tutor.

Avoiding School

When the excuses start rolling in consistently, it may be time to do some digging and find out why. If your student is always saying they don’t feel good, they could be avoiding school because they are struggling. If they have been to the doctor and they have no signs of illness or infection, it’s likely your student is using not feeling well as an excuse, so they don’t have to go to school. Sit them down and talk about why they are avoiding school. If it’s because they are struggling with certain classes, it may be time to hire a tutor to help them succeed and start enjoying school again.

Test Scores

When test scores start falling, it’s time to find out why. While some concepts may be more difficult to master than others, consistently falling test scores can be signs of a deeper problem with understanding. This is especially true in math class, where there are always new formulas and equations to memorize and utilize. If you notice a downward spiral with test scores, that may be a sign your student needs a tutor. Hiring one to help them work through their problem areas should result in increasing test scores once again.

Falling Grades

Falling grades can be a result of struggling in school. Students start losing interest and begin slacking in class, so their grades start falling. If you notice your student’s grades falling, they may need a tutor to help them bring the grades back up.


Lying about homework, tests, or projects is another sign your student needs a tutor. If your student is in a higher grade, it’s unlikely they would go longer than a day or two without homework. If they tell you otherwise, you should suspect something is going on. Maybe they don’t want to do their homework because they don’t understand the concept, or they don’t want to study for a test they know they’ll fail. Hire a tutor for your student to give them the best possible chance to succeed.

Difficulty Managing Time

If your student has difficulty managing their time when it comes to homework and other things, a tutor can help them learn to better manage their time. This will give them the skills they need to complete their assignments, chores, and other activities in a timely manner without being pressed for time.

When it comes to your student, you want them to have the best possible chance in life which may mean hiring a tutor if they’re struggling in school. If you notice them lying about homework or notice falling grades, a tutor can help address the issues causing these. Not only do tutors assist students with learning curriculum, they can also help with time management which is an important part of the education process. If you notice any of these 5 signs, it’s time to get a tutor for your student.


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Following these tips can help your child (and yourself) have a more successful academic year. So, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride! If you need additional help with your child’s academics, reach out to our team of tutors in Charlotte, NC!


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