Math is one of the most commonly failed classes for students of all ages but one of the most important ones. Math consists of an ever-expanding list of formulas and functions for students to memorize. Since most classrooms can’t provide individual attention to struggling students, the importance of a math tutor is essential to student success. No student should have to struggle to understand curriculum. Individual attention can give students the ability to succeed and surpass their own expectations.

Individual Learning

Some students learn best by doing while others learn best by watching. Classrooms can’t cater to each student’s best way of learning, so some may fall behind while others thrive. Individual attention is key to student success when they are struggling with a subject. Most classrooms don’t possess the capability of attending to students one on one to ensure proper understanding of curriculum. By receiving one on one attention from a math tutor, students can ask all the questions they need to until they understand the concepts before moving on. A struggling student may feel embarrassed to ask questions if it seems he or she is the only one not understanding. Tutoring grants them the freedom to ask questions as needed without feeling embarrassed in front of classmates. Students won’t feel rushed and will receive explanations of concepts that work with their way of learning.

Improve Academic Performance

By failing or struggling with just one class, academic performance can go downhill quickly, making it difficult to recover scores and overall grades. Math tutors help improve academic performance by ensuring students understand concepts and curriculum, resulting in higher test scores and grades. Improving academic performance, especially in math, can open new opportunities for students going to college.

Build Confidence

Struggling in math can affect a student’s confidence and desire to go to school. Falling behind in just one class can begin a downward spiral of lowering grades in other classes, since a student’s confidence falls. By learning about the importance of a math tutor and getting one to help a struggling student, you can boost their confidence and give them the ability to enjoy class once again.

Improve Study Habits

Study habits are an important part of school life, especially when it comes to math. Tutors not only work with students on concepts, formulas, and curriculum, but many also teach study habits the student can carry home with them so they can continue to improve on their own.

College Preparation

If a student is not struggling, a math tutor can still be beneficial. By offering advanced material and study techniques, math tutors can further improve a student’s understanding of concepts and even introduce more difficult formulas and curriculum, preparing them for future classes.

If you were to poll every student about their least favorite subject, a good portion would say math. This may be because of the tons of formulas and equations they need to memorize, or because it is one of the most commonly failed classes in school. Math tutors can give students the skills and abilities to succeed not only through math but through their entire school life by offering assistance and individual learning plans. Math tutors improve confidence, improve study habits, and can help students prepare for college by offering advanced material.


Following these tips can help your child (and yourself) have a more successful academic year. So, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride! If you need additional help with your child’s academics, reach out to our team of tutors in Charlotte, NC!


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