Swan Learning Center is ready to enhance your child's education, giving your child the tools necessary to excel in school. With a focus on math and reading comprehension, as well as test prep and study skills for older students, Swan Learning Center has a proven approach that works. If your child is struggling, or if you want to give them the support they need to excel, Swan Learning Center can help.

We employ a team of professional tutors who are experts in math, reading and writing. These tutors are ready to come alongside your student when he or she is struggling, creating a supportive, encouraging environment in which to learn. Tutors create targeted, personalized programs that will work with your child's strengths and help improve upon any weaknesses.

In addition, we offer summer camp educational programs designed to keep kids engaged during the summer months while avoiding problems with boredom. These programs are less structured than the traditional classroom or tutoring setting. Our summer camps provide an engaging environment to keep learning strong and help kids who fell behind during the school year get caught up before the next year starts.

Finally, our test prep and study skill services help high school students prepare for and score well on their SATs. Our programs are designed to bring out the bet in these students, so they can approach these tests with confidence. We even offer high school classes for credit!

Come find out more about Swan Learning Center today, and let us show you how we can help your child achieve his or her educational goals.

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Based in Charlotte, NC, Swan Learning Center strives to help students and families achieve their educational goals. Our team of professional tutors help children and teenagers through targeted, personalized programs & proven-methods.


At Swan Learning Center, we create personalized programs for each of our students through careful diagnosis. Our goal is to build on skills the child already has while offering motivation and confidence in skills that are not present. Whether you are trying to help your child catch up or are interested in getting ahead, we can help. Learn More


At Swan Learning Center we not only provide customized training and guidance throughout the school year, but also help students and parents to catch up and get ahead all year long. Find out more about our Seminars and Workshops.  Learn More