The Swan Learning Center is a place designed to enhance a child's education. Our areas of focus include developing children's math skills and reading comprehension, to study skill classes for older student. The Swan Learning Center offers a variety of programs and workshops. Our team of professional tutors are experts in reading, writing, and mathematics (basic, algebra, and geometry). We also have youth summer camp educational programs. For older students looking to score well on their SAT's, we also have classes designed to bring out their best. Through targeted and personalized programs, our team of teachers and tutors will help students and families achieve their educational goals and dreams.

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Based in Charlotte, NC, Swan Learning Center strives to help students and families achieve their educational goals. Our team of professional tutors help children and teenagers through targeted, personalized programs & proven-methods.


At Swan Learning Center we diagnose academic areas of need and design a personalized program for each of our students. Our programs focus on building academic skills, motivation and confidence.
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At Swan Learning Center we not only provide customized training and guidance throughout the school year, but also help students and parents to catch up and get ahead all year long.

Community, School , and Student Workshops

Our community and school involvement program provides parents with valuable information. Swan workshops are designed to be between thirty minutes and two hours long and are tailored to your group. Workshops are a wonderful way for parents to gain new ideas on how to help their children become and stay strong students.


Volunteer Training

Community and parent volunteers participate in a workshop designed to give volunteer tutors the skills and information they need to help individual students within the school environment.


Homework without Tears

This seminar focuses parents on improving the “homework hour” in the home. Tips to improve independence, eliminate procrastination and cure the “perfectionist” are included. Parents identify family values and tie those to strong work habits. Level: Elementary


Parenting with a Cool Head and a Warm Heart

Do you feel like your children aren’t listening to you? Do you wonder if you are getting your point across? Are you ready to give up nagging forever? There is hope and it is possible to bring your home into a state of calm. We will focus on techniques that develop responsible children in a supportive and loving family–without all that nagging.


If you are interested in having a speaker at your school, club, or community group, contact Jenny Beaumont today by calling 704-442-1718