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Summer Education and Learning Programs in Charlotte

Summer is coming, and while summer is an excellent time to get a break from the schedule and structure of school, it may not be wise to completely neglect academics during these long, leisurely months. In fact, taking a complete break from school and academics can actually have a negative effect on your child, but Swan Learning Center is here to help with exciting

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Teach Your Preschooler to Love Reading with These 5 Tips

Are you hoping to turn your little one into a strong reader? Even in the preschool years there are many steps a parent can take to help guide their child into reading. While these years are not designed for hours of formal reading instruction, they are perfect for pre-reading skills, and these tips will help you as you guide your child. 1. Read Together

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Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Kids’ Minds Active During Winter Break

When winter break rolls around, most kids have cast aside reading and arithmetic for candy canes and presents before their last class has even ended. While an unwinding period is important even for young minds, children should remain engaged throughout winter break. Routine is a key component of any learning regiment, so make sure to keep your kids deep in thought even during winter

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Road Trip Hacks for Travelling with Kids

Are you travelling with kids this holiday season? Be sure to check out this helpful graphic, which provides helpful tips for parents, on how to keep their kids safe, entertained, and happy when driving long distances…

Best Educational Games to Celebrate Halloween

The ghouls and goblins are slowly waking up from their slumber, the jack-o-lanterns are illuminating, and believe it or not, educational opportunities are creeping in like a spooky fog. You may not think of Halloween as a learning experience, but on the contrary, a Halloween game for the neighborhood kids or a Halloween lesson plan for your classroom can provide incredible growth and knowledge.

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Favorite Family-Friendly Fall Events Near Cotswold

When you are looking for something fun to do with the kids this fall, some of the fall festivals in the region, like Oktoberfest, probably aren’t the best option. Yet there are many fall festivals and events near Cotswold that are great for the whole family. Here are some upcoming activities that you, and your kids, are likely to enjoy. Great Pumpkin Fest at

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