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Best Educational Summer Camp in Charlotte!

Summer’s almost here. Are your kids ready for a break? While they likely are ready for some time off, it won’t be long until you start to hear “I’m bored.” It also doesn’t take long for them to start forgetting everything they worked so hard to learn throughout the school year. One way to keep their learning strong and their minds engaged is to

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Fun Easter Facts!


Educational Games to Play Outdoors this Spring

Now that spring has finally arrived, children will be begging to spend more time outdoors. In a world that has become consumed by technology, any time spent outside these days is a huge win. And while free play is extremely beneficial for children of all ages, this is also a great opportunity to sneak in a few educational games as well. They’ll be having

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Help Sharpen Your Child’s Math Skills!

If you are having a hard-time getting your child excited about learning math, check out this list of helpful tips for you to utilize!

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What to Expect from the SAT & ACT

Have some questions regarding the most important standardized tests… the ACT and SAT? Check out this helpful infographic, which provides information on where you can take the tests, costs, how to prepare, what to bring, and what to expect!

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Start the New Year off with Academic Coaching from Swan Learning Center

Does your New Year’s resolution involve doing better in school, or helping your child to do better in school? The Swan Learning Center is here to help. Our Academic Coaching services are designed to help your child reach his or her full potential in an after school program that gives you back your family time. Here’s some of what we can offer for you

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