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Benefits of an Early Learning Center

Early learning centers are perfect for children whether they are struggling or not in school. It is very common for young kids to have issues with math and reading. Also, it may be difficult if you are busy working parents to be able to help your child practice and improve their skills at home. That is why early learning centers are the perfect place

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Our Favorite Books for Summer Reading

Summer is every child’s favorite time of the year. There’s no more school and no homework for a few months, and endless time to relax and play. However, summer is the perfect time to help your kids catch up on the reading skills! Not all kids love reading, however, it is important to stay up on their reading all summer, so they are ready

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Best Ways to Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

Summer vacation is every kid’s dream. No school or homework for months! However, the excitement of summer can only last for so long until they start to get restless and ready to go back to school. Along with that, the months off of school can be detrimental to your child’s learning habits depending on how they spend those months without classes. One of the

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children learning activities

Top Springtime Learning Activities for Children

Whether you are looking for fun activities to do at home with your kids or searching for unique learning activities to incorporate into the classroom, it is always fun to plan around what is currently going on in the child’s world. Now that spring is in full force, it is the perfect time to integrate parts of this season into various crafts and projects.

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Best Educational Games & Toys

Are you looking for the perfect toys for your children this Christmas that will also be educational? Are you on the hunt for games to gift your family members that can also help teach them their shapes, colors, or numbers? Well, you are in luck! With so many educational games and toys on the market, it is easy to give a gift that will

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Math Tips & Tricks Infographic

This is one of the most helpful infographics we have ever stumbled across! Thank you visualistan.com for sharing!